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Its time to test your RCD!

Its time to test your RCD!

There is no better time to test your RCD/s than when the clocks go back or forward. Its a good habit to have and could save your life!

Testing your RCDs every 6 months is a simple and quick thing you can do yourself to help ensure your electrical system is going to work correctly in the event of a fault.

RCDs protect you from electric shock by shutting off the power automatically when a fault occurs. Checking them regularly improves the likleyhood of them functioning correctly.

How to test your RCD

Do this BEFORE you change your clocks as the power will be off for a short period and any electronic clocks (cookers etc.) may not retain thier information.

First Identify your RCD/s

There are various types of RCDs, you may have 1 or 2, or you may have one on every circuit. What is always the same is that they will all have a TEST button (see pictures for examples)

Have a torch available and switched on especially if your fuseboard requires you to be on a ladder or in a hard to reach location.

In turn press the TEST button on each RCD, it should trip causing the SWITCH to spring into the OFF position.

Reset the RCD by pushing the SWITCH back to the ON position.

Repeat this process until all RCDs have been checked

Now you can change your clocks!

If you find that the TEST button dosent trip the SWITCH or the SWITCH will not re-engage you will need to get this checked by an electrician.

“What if I don’t have RCDs?”

Some older properties may not have RCDs installed because they were not required at the time of installation. RCDs are considered essential safety equipment today and it may be worth considering upgrading your system to include them.

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